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The Earth Kingdom – element – Art Project

Welcome to our new video series all about the element project from “Avatar: The Last Airbender”!

In this video it’s about the Earth element. In this episode we’ll be exploring the symbolism, lore, and artistry of the Earth Nation, one of the four nations in the show. The video features a making-of segment for an Earth Sacred Queen art project, which showcases the power, beauty, and complexity of the Earth Kingdom. I’ll take you behind the scenes and show you how we created this stunning piece of artwork, from the concept to the final touches.

If you want to have more context how the project started: https://youtu.be/HNi5myh_Zx0
The Fire Sacred Queen: https://youtu.be/yticjBPiqHk
The Water Sacred Queen: https://youtu.be/StAEe-_nyFM
The Air Sacred Queen: https://youtu.be/AVtaeoHol6U

The Earth Sacred Queen is a symbol of the Earth Kingdom’ spiritual connection to the Mountains and Nature. I wanted to capture that sense of power and majesty in the artwork. I drew inspiration from the rich visual language of the show, as well as from real-world cultures and traditions that share some of the Earth element’ characteristics.

Throughout the making-of segment, I will explain my creative process and share some of the techniques and tools that we used to bring the Earth Sacred Queen to life.