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Print 1/1 'available'

Artwork print edition 1/1. (Acrylic Print 100×160 cm)


Limited Edition only 1 piece available.

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Artwork print edition 1/1.

Print: 100 x 160 cm
Acrylic print

Prints are high quality with a blind hanging system.

✔  Certificate of Authenticity

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✔  Certificate of Authenticity

Chapters, this work is based from a very personal story.


Life is not always a bed of roses. Sometimes you have to close certain chapters in life to get to the next
page. 'Chapters' stands for exactly that. For life that
can be confrontational and not always easy. What can be seen in this image is a process. Saying goodbye to situations and relationships that I used to have and starting with the
rest of my life. Your life, your journey, is in your own hands. What do you want to write down? what do you want
take with you and what do you want to pass on to others? That decision, saying yes to new
experiences and saying no to past events is presented in Chapters.

A new beginning.
Various items have been incorporated in the still life that convey the meaning of a new beginning that this image represents. 
The beautiful, brown colored butterfly (Acherontia lachesis) is seen on a statue of a skull, the so-called
death messenger. Various cultures in our world see receiving this butterfly as a
sign of impending death. In contrast I added a bright blue, very rare butterfly (Morpho didius) which can be seen. When you
encounter this butterfly in the wild, it means that you are getting luck and/or a new fine beginning. 
These two meanings side by side contain exactly the feeling why I created this work of art. Closure and a new beginning. That is what I wanted to capture with his image. 
The special background makes this photo complete. It is not photo manipulated, it's created, styled and photographed like this.  It is a personal art project and I hope to inspire you. I am very proud of this limited artwork.

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