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Limited Edition

Classic €125
* 20 x 30 cm
 | Fine are photo print
* Limited Edition – 1 of 25
Large €325
* 60 x 90 cm | Fine are photo print
* Limited Edition – 1 of 25

Collector €497
80 x 120 cm | Fine are photo print
* Limited Edition – 1 of 15

1 of a Kind €2197
100×150 | Printed on matt plexiglass 

Limited Edition – 1 of 1 


Artwork print are all very limited.

✔ All prints are with a +2,5cm white border.

✔ Print on Hahnemühle Paper.

✔ Every print is signed & numbered.

✔ Hahnemühle Paper Fine Art Prints are incl. shipping world wide.

✔ Signed certificate of authenticity included.

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Inspiration always comes out of unexpected corners. Nature, architecture, but also series of events can lead to inspiration. Photography for me is telling a story, bringing forth a feeling just by looking at an image.
The serie Queen of the South tells a unique story, on one side it shows incredible wealth and fame through the image of a golden hand. On the other side it has been stained with a dark history.
This is the story of a lot of entrepreneurs, athletes and people who have done everything to make their dream come true.

People often only see success when you have reached your goal but they fail to see the road they’ve paved.
Know what you stand or and make it a part of who you are, remember your worth.
You don’t need everything to reach gold.

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