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Limited Edition

Classic €125
* 20 x 30 cm
 | Fine are photo print
* Limited Edition – 1 of 25
Large €325
* 60 x 90 cm | Fine are photo print
* Limited Edition – 1 of 25

Collector €497
80 x 120 cm | Fine are photo print
* Limited Edition – 1 of 15

1 of a Kind €2197
100×150 | Printed on matt plexiglass 

Limited Edition – 1 of 1 


Artwork print are all very limited.

✔ All prints are with a +2,5cm white border.

✔ Print on Hahnemühle Paper.

✔ Every print is signed & numbered.

✔ Hahnemühle Paper Fine Art Prints are incl. shipping world wide.

✔ Signed certificate of authenticity included.

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A work photographed in the north of Italy. I was inspired by the hand painted art and the line work in the architecture. There were a couple of artists painting the whole church at that moment. Not only was the architecture impressive (especially the top) but the hand painted art was amazing, super inspiring and detailed. It felt magical being there while they were working and painting. I felt honored to be a part of it. The roof inspired me the most. The symmetry, colours and the way the light that fell through the windows really inspired me to capture this image. While photographing the top I really put effort and time to center the top precisely. I decided to play with the light and colours with my camera and choice of lens. When I started to edit this piece of art I felt so happy and every time I look at it I feel inspired. I hope to inspire and share this piece with the world. This is also why I decided to put it out in my collection in a limited edition of max 10 pieces.

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