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Grootte Classic

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Classic, Large, Collector
* 20 x 30 cm  | Limited Edition 3/15
* 60 x 90 cm | Limited Edition 1/15
80 x 120 cm | Limited Edition 1/5

150x100: Sold 1/1

About this Artwork:
Life isn't always a bed of roses. Sometimes you have to close certain chapters to turn the next page. 'Chapters' stands for exactly that. For life that can also be confrontational and not always easy. What can be seen in this image is a processing process. Saying goodbye to situations and relationships I used to have and starting the rest of my life. Your life, your journey, is in your own hands. What do you want to write down, what do you want to take with you and what do you want to pass on to others? That decision, saying yes to new experiences and saying no to past events, is shown in 'Chapters'.

A new beginning
Various items have been incorporated into the still life that represent the meaning of a new beginning. The beautiful, brown-colored butterfly on the skull is a symbol as a so-called 'death messenger'. Various cultures in our world see receiving this butterfly as a sign of impending death. In addition, a bright blue, very rare butterfly can be seen. When you encounter this butterfly in the wild, it means that happiness or a new beginning awaits you. These two meanings side by side capture exactly the feeling I tried to capture with this image. To further emphasize the feeling of a new beginning and the closing of a chapter, there are also books and a jar of ink on the table. The special background completes this photo. This image was shot in the Heracles Almelo stadium, where it now also hangs in the business lounge. It is a personal project that I am very proud to have hanging in the homes and workplaces of others.

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