Water Queen

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Grootte Classic

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Classic, Large, Collector
* 20 x 30 cm  | Limited Edition 2/15
* 60 x 90 cm | Limited Edition 3/15
80 x 120 cm | Limited Edition 1/5

About the Artwork:

“Avatar: The Last Airbender” - Elements  – The Water Queen

One of the things I admire is the way it explores the power of nature and the elements. In my artwork I wanted to capture that same sense of awe and wonder, while also incorporating some of my own personal experiences and inspirations. I wanted to convey the peace and serenity that comes from being surrounded by nature, while also embracing the spiritual highlighting aspects of the show.

I am always impressed and fascinated by how everything is connected and everything has a function.

Throughout the series, " Avatar: The Last Airbender " also emphasizes in that world that, for example, the moon is indispensable for the element water, without the moon is waterbending and the element of water is out of balance. This way, each element has its story and balance and they also keep each other in balance. The holy water queen. So she can communicate between the moon (spirituality) and the people. All four elements are connected and ensure balance in the world.

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