My Bio

Welcome! My name is Royke. Ask friends and family who I am and they will describe me as an entrepreneur, energy bomb and a chatter, but above all a fine art photographer. Photography and creativity have always been in my blood.

This is how it all started:
When I was young, I set out to take pictures of everything that was loose and stuck. Later this was further stimulated by my grandfather, with whom I turned out to share this passion. We regularly went out together to take photographs. We could wander around for hours trying to get that perfect shot. Secretly, I always looked forward most to the moment when we started developing the photos. I will never forget the magical feeling that analog cameras conveyed at that time.

During my adolescence, digital photography became increasingly popular. On my birthday I received a small digital camera. From that moment on, the 'real photographer' in me was born. The interest in photography and art took on increasingly clear forms and I soon chose to study in that creative direction. In this way I ended up with various photographers where I did an internship and was able to assist on super cool and creative shoots. This is how I came into contact with professional, commercial and story-telling photographers.

Longing for freedom
In photography I can express my feelings, emotions and inspiration. The energy that is released in me when I have found the idea or location is what I want to capture on image. Creating images is therefore not only a passion for me, but also a real driving force. Inspire and be inspired.

Inspire and be inspired
Inspiration is essential to my work. This can suddenly arise at the most unexpected moments. I recently recorded a very nice podcast about this. Click here for the podcast. After all, inspiration and creativity cannot be controlled. Great sources of inspiration can be an interesting environment, museums, architecture, good conversations or persona, but also topics such as power. For me, the magic of discovery is an important part of the field that I could not do without. These discoveries are personal, but at the same time intended for a larger audience. That's why I like to share them, so that you can also enjoy the freedom that photography offers. After all, art is something that brings people together.

About me

Qualität zuerst

Wir begannen mit der Herstellung der Produkte, die wir in der Welt sehen wollten, und taten dies mit einem kompromisslosen Ansatz zur Nachhaltigkeit.